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EnerCoRD is a USA based Consulting, Research and Project Development company, with a European branch in Greece, in the field of energy systems established in 2005 as part of the EnerCo team of companies. In the EnerCo team there are the affilate companies EnerTOp, specialised in energy systems optimisation tools, EnerServ, specialised in integrated energy management services, EST-America and EST-Hellas, specialised in the development of solar energy projects.

EnerCoRD is active in USA, Greece, South-east Europe, Central Europe and Nordic Europe offering services in the following fields:
Consulting: on the development of methodologies for the energy assets' portfolio and risk management, on engineering-economic energy assets portfolio evaluation, for the energy assets due-diligence, on the development and implementation of new regulatory schemes, for business development, strategic and executive advice, on the integrated water resources management and on environmental studies for energy systems development.
Research: in methodologies for energy systems planning operation and expansion, in energy assets' portfolio and risk management processes and in renewable energy sources(Solar, Wind, Hydro, Bio-fuels and Bio-Mass).
Project Development: of renewable energy projects (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Bio-fuels, Bio-Mass and waste to energy), of conventional energy projects (gas, coal, lignite and fuel) and of residential and industrial energy projects (co-generation and tri-Generation).

EnerCoRD - Energy Consulting, Research and Development
N. Plastira street 4, Nea Smyrni - 171 21, Athens, HELLAS
Tel: +30 21 0932 1700, Fax: +30 21 0932 1717
Email: office@enercord.com, URL: www.enercord.com